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Update: Team Building & Continual Improvement

There’s an air of Spring about it (in the northern hemisphere at least – a late summer feel down south in Cape Town perhaps) and 2014 has had a positive start for the Compass team. Based on this we are growing our team – including systems developers and business manager recruitment, over the coming two months.  If you are interested to join Compass Informatics then this may be the time.

As regards our work to date in 2014, some general highlights of progress include:

  • Mobile app development – we have been tweaking the architecture we use for our apps with more rapid cross device development as a result.  For a recent app it took just half an hour to prep a Windows version based on common code developed using Xamarin software.
  • Map viewer development – on one hand we are upgrading our Compass open standards viewer, and on the other we are developing better Esri based map viewers, meaning mapping tools that run on tablets to desktop computers, with high usability.
  • Systems – we continue with our Agile development, meaning very well designed systems, and ones that are developed in a rapid and incremental manner, taking client feedback into account through the development process.
  • Survey – in 2013 we invested heavily in our Survey Solutions unit and now have a wide range of highest quality options across field computing, high and GIS-level survey accuracy.  Dealerships include Trimble, Spectra Precision, Handheld, Seco, Carlsson and others.
  • Operations – We are finishing one internal project on enhanced methods and coordination, and planning another.  The benefits we can see already.
  • Products and companies – GoParkit Technologies (goparkit.com) was established in late 2013 in Ireland and the US and brings location-smart parking based on extensive product development.

But its not all about the technology.  Maybe it’s about partnership, and not thinking we know best, and from that starting point, delivering things that really work.

Gearóid Ó Riain, Managing Director. Email: mailto:goriain@compass.ie, tel +353 1 210 4580 or: +353 87 290 2343.