Compass Informatics combines information technologies, location technlogies, data analytics, and field computing in order to create management solutions focussed on natural resources, planning, environment, asset & property management, and transportation.

With nearly twenty years of work in Ireland and the UK, the company has excellent relationships of trust with many public and private sector organisations. Our solutions and services assist government and commercial organisations in delivering more efficient operations, protecting assets, and meeting regulatory requirements. With excellent clients; a record for technical and management delivery; and an ethos of honesty and integrity; we will work successfully with you.

Compass Informatics is a growing company that continues to invest in sustainable growth of the company, in delivery of innovative solutions, and in development of our team.

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We combine the expert technical skills we have with a strong thematic understanding of a range of application areas that we work in.  We do make every effort to be innovative especially in our combination of information systems, spatial technology, data analysis, and visualisation.  We have a continuing commitment to deliver to a high quality level, undertaking continuous improvement in this regard.  Importantly we also look to build partnerships with the people and the organisations we are fortunate to work with.

Under contract to the Heritage Council, Ireland, Compass operate the National Biodiversity Data Centre – the national biological records centre for Ireland that also participates in the Global Biodiversity Information Facility.