We apply our information and location technology skills and expertise to a wide range of business areas; across private and public sectors; from individuals to national and international organisations.  Common skills applied to meet varying challenges.

Our core application areas include:

  • Natural Resources & Environmental Management
  • Land & Asset Management Information Systems
  • Urban, Regional, Socio-economic, and Transport Planning
  • Private Sector Asset Management and Mapping Solutions
  • Local & Central Government Information Systems

Each application area uses the core strengths of information management and location technologies to create solutions that support evidence-based decision making and information sharing.

Our clients cover a range of applications areas and sectors while their size ranges from the single consultant seeking to capture and map data effectively to the large corporate enterprises seeking to manage and interpret data in new and more illuminating ways.

We also bring our mix of informatics and applications expertise together in the operation of the National Biodiversity Data Centre for Ireland.