A Pavement Management System has been developed by Compass Informatics for the Local Government Management Agency (www.lgma.ie), and the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport (www.dttas.ie), Ireland, and is used by local authorities to achieve a standardised approach to road pavement assessment and management. The system focuses on management of information and actions relating to the road pavement, including recording and monitoring road condition and maintenance programmes. Today, the system supports the monitoring and management of 91,000km of local and regional Irish roads (94% of the nation’s total) via an integrated desktop, web, and smart mobile solution.  The system is available for adoption by other clients using the services of the Compass system development & project delivery team, and by agreement with the Local Government Management Agency, and the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport.

The Solution

The Pavement Management System uses a toolkit for efficient mapping systems development.  This is based on open standards and supports visualisation of data and also analysis and various calculations.  Use is made of MapInfo’s proprietary GIS software for certain desktop tasks (although this could be delivered via the Web based on user preference).  The solution also includes a mobile app that allows rapid pavement state assessment using the ‘Wisconsin’ method for rapid data capture on road condition rating. The Pavement Management System perfectly demonstrates the stability of a mixed platform (desktop, web and mobile) plus mixed open source and proprietary software approaches.

The Pavement Management System is a good example of “doing more with less”, freeing up the user to optimise their working day, and allowing decision makers rapid access to data in a readily accessible, usable, and understandable format. The Pavement Management System enables effective planning of road management and work tasks at local authority and national levels.

Benefits to Users

The Pavement Management System provides an organised, coordinated and consistent approach to handling the pavement management process by:

  • maintaining assets and getting maximum value from available budgets for road maintenance,
  • ensuring political accountability for decisions affecting the assets,
  • providing acceptable levels of service to the end user,
  • reducing time in the field delivering true labour cost savings, and
  • automating integration of data collected in the field with desktop analysis and reporting tools, reducing time previously used in data re-entry, and reducing the chance of errors arising during that process.

Implementation in Local Authorities

Compass Informatics are delivering nationwide installation, training and support services. More than 30 Irish local authorities have already benefited from the go-live process, which includes:

  • hardware and software configuration for clients,
  • deployment and on-site testing,
  • support and training, and
  • an on-line support ticketing system.

Note the system is available to Irish local authorities via the LGMA.  Use of the system by other parties is subject to agreement with the Local Government Management Agency, and the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport.  Enquires on adoption of the system by authorities outside of its current base are warmly welcomed. Please email us on info@compass.ie.