At Compass Informatics we work with the best products on the market while offering a vendor independent perspective to our clients. Our non-exclusive developer and reseller agreements mean we can provide clients with the most appropriate solutions. When needed, our experienced management and technical teams can design solutions to suit users’ specific needs, working in close cooperation with those end-users.

Product & Solutions

In addition to 3rd party vendor software, at Compass we offer our own solutions and are engaged in active product development through investment in ongoing R&D. Selected solutions and products include:

  • GoParkit is a market leading parking payments & management platform. (Offered through our partner company, GoParkit.)
  • Ubipix is a Cloud based solution for creating and storing location-tagged video, and capturing features you see within the video. (Offered through our partner company, iGeotec.)

Mobile Apps

We have developed various Mobile App solutions which typically incorporate data capture, viewing, location, payment facilities.  A few publicly available apps include:

Value Added Supplier Range

Compass provide a full range of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software from Esri and popular Open Source software.

Our Field Computing range of software and hardware is based primarily on GPS/GNSS ruggedised computers from Handheld Europe, Trimble Mobile Computing Solutions, and software from Esri, and the SigmaSeven GeoField package.