Web Map Viewers are used to present spatial data in user-friendly plan form, via the user’s ownweb browser, typically providing some spatial information querying and reporting capabilities. Compass offer tools for implementing Web Map Viewers – based on an Esri ArcGIS for Server framework or with a full open standards product using well-supported open source toolsets.  We provide these typically as Cloud-hosted solutions.

Compass MapView Esri

  • MapView ProprietaryMapView Silverlight is based on the Esri ArcGIS API for Silverlight, allowing integration of ArcGIS Server, Esri MapIt, and Bing services.
  • Developers can create interactive applications incorporating ArcGIS Server and Bing Maps, Ordnance Survey, or other resources, e.g. mapping, locators, and geoprocessing models, plus Silverlight components, such as grids, tree views, and charts.
  • This MapView solution is intended for clients who are Esri users with Esri software licenses available.
  • JavaScript/HTML5 API option also for viewers.

Download a movie of Compass MapView in action.


Compass MapView Open Source

  • Compass Open Source MapViewMapView Open Source is HTML/JavaScript based so it can be hosted anywhere on the web – on a Compass server, a client server, or in the Amazon Cloud.  It is best suited to our cloud hosted service so as to avail of our on-going support services.
  • The viewing application runs via the user’s browser.
  • The open source front end uses standard open source toolsets supported by active development communities with long development histories.
  • The backend uses MapServer for the server component and the powerful, high-level programming language Python.

Get the Compass MapView Fact Sheet for details and current applications.