Biosolids Management System

Compass Informatics have designed and developed a leading biosolids management system providing an end-to-end management solution for water and wastewater companies and others handling nutrient-rich sludges.

Operating in a tightly regulated environment, the BIO software application efficiently controls, manages and reports on biosolids/sludge production from multiple or single point waste water treatment production sites and subsequent recovery to farmland of the product as a fertiliser and soil improver.

Compass BIO pdf with outline workflow: Compass BIO – Overview and Workflow

Making Good Use of Biosolids

biosolids management system Our flagship case study is Severn Trent Water plc (STW) who licensed and implemented the software in 2011/12, where it now controls and manages their annual 700,000 tonnes biosolid sludge cake produced from their 38 main hub WWTP’s with AD facilities and sludge dewatering systems. The annual biosolid volume is recovered to over 3,000 farms locally, landspread according to detailed nutrient management plans for each field. STW are very pleased with the robustness and ease of use of the system across their organisation, and with Enva and Compass Informatics as long term partners. The system is delivering financial and compliance benefits for STW, with payback on their investment estimated within 24 months.

Overview of Selected Features

Technical Overview

  • Microsoft .NET based application with Microsoft SQL Server database back end. Locally or secure cloud based hosting.
  • Accessible via web browser on desktop or on mobile devices, so that users can securely access the application and databases with a web browser, from any internet connected device
  • Does away with the concept of a standalone system accessible only to in-office biosolids team members.
  • Sharing of centralised information and software application across the organisation and multiple production sites has multiple benefits.
  • Remote access for third party agri-contractors also has significant benefits, with field based access and data input possible.
  • Fully compliant, simple to use reporting functionality, for regular scheduled and ad hoc reports.

 Volume forecasting and proof of Biosolids Production

  • Advance visibility of sludge production volumes coming through the system at each major hub treatment plant across the catchment of the Water company, facilitating rolling monthly forecast production volumes.
  • Verification of biosolids treatment status of sludge batches via input from external devices (for example AD plant data; pH, temperature, sludge retention time, pathogen kill, proof of pastuerisation etc).   This is a regulatory requirement to verify that the sewage sludge has reached the necessary standard to be classified a biosolid before it leaves the treatment works to be dispatched to a farm (as per the Code of Practice For Agriculture Use Of Sewage Sludge and The Sludge (Use in Agriculture) Regulations and the Safe Sludge Matrix)
  • Automated input of biosolid analyses for each sample point in each treatment works, also facilitating the automatic calculation of average analysis for fertiliser planning and heavy metals concentrations.

Concise and automated Farm Nutrient Management Planning

  • Creation of field inspection reports for each field proposed for the land-spreading of biosolids, allowing the advance verification of suitability of any specific field according to regulations.
  • Links to field by field mapping data to locate and visualise fields, calculate the area and biosolid recovery capacity of each field and also critically to calculate the financial attractiveness in terms of haul distance from treatment works. (Allows for automatic prioritisation of closer fields and adjustments in price to the farmer as required).
  • Automatic input and viewing of field soil analyses from external laboratory for each recorded field sample point.
  • Automatic creation of the field by field and farm summary nutrient management plan, (based on soil results, biosolids analyses, crop type etc) detailing the volume of biosolid fertiliser that is permitted to be spread to each field.
  • Automated reports on the longer term effects of spreading each year to each field (in terms of nutrient and metal loadings on 10 year rolling averages as required by the regulations).
  • Creation of annual farmer contract – detailing the max volume of biosolids that can be purchased for fertilising the fields on the NMP, the forecast actual total tonnage to be delivered and spread, and the net price to the farmer. Automatic processing of farmer letters once a contract is completed detailing the actual volume of biosolids spread and nutrient and heavy metal loading to the soil on the farmers land. The farmer can use this information for their own farm and fertiliser records.
  • Allows biosolid recovery capacity planning in advance, and contingency to be built in if required.
  • Maintains long term control of the farmer relationship in house for the water company, not solely with the Agri-contractor.
Tight control and daily monitoring of Agri-contractor operations
  • Secure remote access over the internet for contractors to access a dedicated portion of the BIO system
  • Creation of medium term workplans and daily job tickets for contractor hauliers and land spreaders, authorising them to collect biosolid loads from the WWTPs and stockpile and spread the biosolids to farm fields
  • Automated input of the weight of the biosolids loads hauled from the WWTPs to the farms via external weighbridge devices (JRP loggers on each weighbridge).
  • Verification on the amount of biosolids hauled, stockpiled and landspread via remote submission of contractor work sheets

Automated invoicing for fertiliser service

  • Link to SAP to automatically invoice farmers for the overall fertiliser service delivered (biosolids purchased and landspread)

Simple, intuitive reporting functionality

  • Automated creation of environmental reports for submission to the Environment Agency
  • Automated creation of internal statistical  reports for strategic decision making within the Water Company.
  • Flexible ad hoc reporting tool that can be used to query the system and produce a wide range of reports, by time, treatment works, finances, treatment works operations etc.

For further information please contact Gearóid Ó Riain, Managing Director.

What our clients say...

"The Compass team combine top class skills and hold integrity dear."
"The Compass team combine top class skills and hold integrity dear."

“The analytical data provided by Compass applications allows us to make better decisions”
“The analytical data provided by Compass applications allows us to make better decisions”

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